So you think nothing grows in the desert? The desert is teeming with life. Here are some things other than weeds that are growing in our yard without any assistance from us.
  1. Lantana
    This Lantana just sprouted one day next to our house. We haven't even watered it and it keeps growing. We probably need to cut it back so that we can get to our garden.
  2. African Sumac
    There are some big sumacs on our property, and they are multiplying. This one is growing next to the Lantana.
  3. Tomato plants
    On occasion we've given tomatoes to our chickens. Some seeds must have made their way out of the run and now we have tomato plants growing behind it. Our chickens love the leaves of tomato plants and are eagerly watching for these to grow close enough to snack on.
  4. Mesquite trees
    Anjanette and I are both allergic to Mesquite and don't want it growing in our yard. They grow all over the place and grow quickly. I probably pull up 5-6 of these little trees every couple of weeks.
  5. Grass
    When we moved in here we decided we did not want a lawn. Why put all that work into something that obviously just doesn't want to grow here? But we have probably put more work into trying to stop it. I'm about ready to just give in and start mowing it.
  6. Pomegranate bush
    This is maybe cheating a little. It was probably planted by a previous resident, and we occasionally prune it to keep it away from the power lines. Sometimes in the summer we water it to help ensure a good fruit harvest. But I'm confident that we could leave it alone and it would be fine.