1. Have an Alien best friend, who would take me to his planet to visit. Also, i would ask him to fix Earth if he can, then I will ask him to perform all of his cool powers he has, and we will do cool things together.
  2. Have an emperor penguins as my pets, and they have to be Big and Fat ones. I would want a whole family of penguins so that they won't feel lonely.
  3. I'm the head of Mafia, I will have them protect my family and friends and make sure no one or no thing can hurt them. My Mafia, will secretly help and protect the poor, and during political or dangerous crisis, our people will secretly dress as common people and save those in need.
  4. Have the power to cure all kinds of sicknesses on Earth, so I can take care of my family and everyone.
  5. Invent a Pill, that make you live forever and ever, so my loved ones can be with me till eternity.
  6. Have a huge fish tank at home that can fit a chubby manatee. Every afternoon, I can take a swim with them.
  7. Have a Special Door, when I open, will take me to home or any place I want to be.
  8. Have an Ice-cream City, where everything is made out of ice-cream.
  9. Own a house full of stuffed animals, starting from smallest to biggest ones.