Inspired by @sisikane
  1. I'm not sure where my frizzy, curly, thick hair comes from. My DNA test says European, but there's some kind of mix in there, somewhere in history.
  2. As a little girl, my curly hair would get all knotted up, to the point of matting - almost like dreadlocks - at the back of my head. More than once, some well-meaning adult would rake a comb through the mess.
    Thank goodness for my grandmother and her creme rinse - without it I would have been plucked bald!
  3. In middle school, when we girls start to really care about our hair, all the girls with nice hair flipped it back into "wings" with tons of hair spray. My wavy, frizzy, dried out hair wasn't having any of it.
    Yes it was the 80's - all the pretty girls had wings and Jordache jeans. I had neither.
  4. By the time I got to high school I had all but given up. I chopped it off, up to my ears in a wide, curly bob. I kept a tiny little braid at the back, before the band Till Tuesday came out on MTV. By summer before my senior year, I had it cut super short, like an inch long all over my head.
    Unfortunately, I still hadn't learned about the benefits of hair products like gel or mousse - so the haircut looked awful. My senior pictures were a lasting reminder of a really bad hair decision.
  5. There was that one time I dyed my dark brown hair platinum blond, and cut it into a cute pixie style. It actually worked - thanks to hair gel. The blisters I got as a result of the extreme bleaching didn't bother me at the time.
  6. Eventually, after I moved to Miami, I learned about things like mousse and hair dryers, and yes! Flat irons. I bought into the expensive hair salon ritual and spent a ridiculous amount of money on grooming.
    Color, gloss, moisturizing treatments, etc. I grew my hair out, long and thick and curly. I grew to appreciate my locks after years of frustration.
  7. Me in 2011 with long hair, mostly gray/brown. The story of going gray is another list! (Maybe I'll write that one another time).
  8. These days, after having long hair and figuring out the products and styling techniques, I have grown tired of dealing with so much hair. I found myself pulling my hair back into buns and ponytails regularly.
  9. The day I went in to the stylist with hair past my shoulders and told her to cut my hair into a pixie she nearly passed out. I couldn't be happier - it is easy to style and I never get knots. No more long hair falling out everywhere. No more frizz, no more dry poofy hair.
    Short hair, don't care.
  10. Me with my oldest daughter in April 2016 - loving the short hair!