A love story.
  1. What's wrong with you? Fucking racist
    A response to "how did everything work out for you?" in my best customer service voice
  2. Are you the manager? [Yes.] Figures. 😒
    Wait what? Now I feel very self conscious thank you
  3. Did you take the sensor off????
    Plz tell me how to do my job help help help you're so smart
  4. How much is this?
    *looks at tag* *reads exactly what is written on said tag*
  5. Is this 50% off???
    *glances at 50% off sign* "Yes."
  6. So how much would this be???
    *involuntary twitch becomes clearly visible* "well it's $39.99 so that will be $19.99"
  7. Is there a manager I can speak to?
    *spins around in place* Yes hello I am the manager
  8. She went to Pitt and she works HERE?
    Yes and I'm still within earshot of your condescending and unnecessary comment you savage
  9. Don't any of you ladies have a degree?
  10. *silence*
    Usually after I say hello and ask if you need help with anything. It's ok I'm not a human being with FEELINGS