HOORAY! We apparently had gotten married on Pi Day as well, which to my dismay was NOT about the pie that you eat. Darn.
  1. Yes, it's hard, but not enough to throw in the towel.
    I've often heard couples say that the first year is the most difficult ever. In some ways it has been in the sense of adjusting to living life with another imperfect person and meshing our own flaws together, but what growth we both went through! And what about the years ahead of us? I feel like having kiddos and learning how to parent together would be insanely hard!!
  2. Importance of date nights.
    Establishing date nights = awesomeness. When schedules are nutso, you have something to look forward to. But don't plan on sitting at the table while you each look at your phones. I'm guilty of this, and when I see others do the same, it looks ridiculous. That keeps me accountable!
  3. Don't go to bed mad.
    Oh my gosh, I wanted to do this SO MANY TIMES. Then I think, "What if something happens in the middle of the night, like a freak accident where he dies or I die and ALL WE MIGHT REMEMBER IS THE FIGHT?!?!" Am I the only one who thinks like this?
  4. Have a heart of grace and mercy for each other.
    Mistakes will be made, and it sucks sometimes. And not in year one alone. We've learned to be forgiving of each other.
  5. My man cannot read my thoughts.
    I want him to, but when I get angry, and he asks, "Are you okay?" and I say, "I'm FINE", he won't ask much more about why I'm mad. I'm continually learning that communication is HUGE and assuming he knows what's wrong is probably not the best way to go...
  6. Marriage is not about me and what I can get out of it.
    Marriage is a sacrificial relationship, one that involves putting my husband's interests and thoughts above my own. It seems a little off in this world that preaches, "Me, me, me", but I've noticed when I serve him, my heart is happier, especially in the moments when I DON'T want to serve him. I pray for strength to do it, and God is faithful to give me that strength I need to love my husband well.
  7. In the end, I need my marriage to have God in the center of it.
    My marriage to my wonderful husband will fall apart if the Lord is not in the center. We are two sinful, imperfect human beings coming together in the most intimate relationship a man and a woman can have on earth, and our foundation in Christ is the only thing to hold it together.