1. Adam
    The ultimate embodiment of an IRL mansplain
  2. Sydney
    Child terrorist
  3. Sarah
    Literally never got her shit together, existence was defined by men, not Lorelai Gilmore that's for sure
  4. Max
    Great actor, but I will not be cowed into putting his (strong) portrayal of autism higher on this lest. IRL kind of a dick even as he got older.
  5. Drew
    A human version of a pancake
  6. Nora
    Spoke very few words. Smart choice.
  7. Aida
    Took a page out of the Nora playbook. Wise.
  8. Jabbar
    Very adorable until Sydney rubbed off on him
  9. Zeke
    He got it together. He loved his family. He was firmly committed to tacky old white man bracelets. HE TAUGHT VICTOR HOW TO READ.
  10. Hattie
    Also deserves a medal for putting up with the Bravermans; proud dismantler of white priv; got to kiss Michael B. Jordan a lot lot
  11. Christina
    A little annoying and earnest but ultimately always willing to check her #richmompriv; put up with Adam which earns her 3 spots higher on this list
  12. Victor
    Became a Braverman by choice, showing true mettle and strength of character
  13. Julia
    Flawed, wonderful, actually resembled a real mother.
  14. Camille
    Literal saint
  15. Jazmine
    Deals with both her mother and all the B's. Also is relationship goals with Crosby.
  16. Crosby
    If Joel died, he'd be the next Joel. 😍
  17. Amber
    A vision of literal perfection and one of the most nuanced show characters. Got to mack on Jason Street AND Luke Cafferty as a reward for being the best.