Podcasts I can't live without

Here are some of my favorites. I'm always looking for a new addiction so feel free to add yours!
  1. My Favorite Murder
    True crime ✔️ Comedy ✔️ Obsessed. Karen and Georgia are my soul sistas
  2. Mysterious Universe
    If you're into UFO's and Bigfoot this is for you
  3. The Tim Ferriss Show
    The Cal Fussman episodes are absolutely a must-listen
  4. How I Built This
    Podcast version of one of my favorite books, Getting There.
  5. Cracked
    Loving their latest book club series on Kurt Vonnegut
  6. Mystery Show
    Ridiculous mysteries you can't stop listening to
  7. Invisibilia
    Unlocks the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.
  8. Someone Knows Something
    If you were addicted to Serial you'll love this 👀🕵🏼
  9. The Unmistakable Creative
    My marketing brain loves it