So many cats, so little time.
  1. Tobina
    Fluffy and white, we had her for 18 years. Our longest and most loved.
  2. Yoda
    Her ears stuck straight up and it was the early 80's.
  3. Fred
    He had 6 toes.
  4. Bobby
    Brought home after finding kittens at my grandma's house. We begged my mother to let us have him the entire visit. Also brought home a box of avocados from my grandma's tree.
  5. Rosie
    Purchased from the pet store the day Fred died. We ate pizza and she climbed on the boxes.
  6. Elizabeth
    Can't remember where we got her but she was sweet. So sweet.
  7. Pedro
    My first cat in my adult life. It took some serious convincing, but my husband finally agreed that we could have him. He once disappeared for 3 months and then came back on Easter Sunday.
  8. Theo
    He had a stubby tail and didn't like people. He moved in with the neighbors. When they moved, he moved with them.
  9. Frankie
    Named by my 10 year old after Frank's hot sauce. He's fluffy and lovely but hisses at any visitors to our home.