5 photos on my phone, chosen (not really) at random...

Or, get to know me a little bit with my first li.st.
  1. The Hubs
    This guy. He's every love-of-my-life cliche I can think of and more. And do you see those dimples? I mean, come on. @JoeSinicki
  2. Fur Babies
    We have a lot of them. (Gilly-Booker-Indy-Han) These are their baby pictures from The Wisconsin Humane Society. Some may say we're a little crazy, but we're never lacking in snuggles... Or dog hair.
  3. Human Baby
    Due in November! Still can't believe there's a little person in there. Hubs and I are so excited to meet him or her.
  4. Family
    So lucky to have an amazing family and in-laws that I actually like! My side of the family gets together at least twice a week... Pretty much every week. #grammycooking
  5. Me
    : )