1. "The sex was so good, we had to change the sheets."
    Ew. Ewwww.
  2. "My ex is married now. Do you have any married exes?"
    Ha! No. I overwhelm them with my emotional neediness!
  3. "I'm not bi but I fooled around with this one guy in middle school."
    No problem with this but we have literally just met and that's more of a 3rd date confession.
  4. "My ex just moved out of our apartment in Sunnyside."
    I have dated two guys that opened with this. Sunnyside is not even that big.
  5. "It's not fair that I have to live in Queens and some people are subsidized to live in Manhattan."
    Not an overshare per se but a very common mindset that makes anyone in the housing advocacy world livid. And yet I hear this sentiment on dates all the time.