Is this really actually random?
  1. That whole Zombiecon shooting issue? Yeah. I was working at it when it happened last weekend. It was terrifying and terrible that a life was taken...on a lighter probably too soon comment though my make up was on point.
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  2. My dog goes crazy over squirrels that taunt him in the morning. So obviously I had to buy the squirrel costume to make him go even crazier.
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  3. Those really tall Jenga games at bars that are meant to harm drunk people? My fav. Probably have 200+ pics of it in my phone over the past year
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  4. I live in FL. I grew up in NC. Lack of seasonal change causes me to be highly emotional. So I went up to the mountains last year and made myself happy. This is my happy leaf.
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  5. My grandma is more awesome than I am. I know. I've come to terms with it. My psychologist suggests that I'll be over it in a few years.
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