The things I know I should do and try really hard to do but for some reason I don't do.
  1. Go to the gym.
    I have the memberships. I have the clothes. I have the guides. I have everything. But I also have Netflix and a couch...
  2. No longer consume dairy.
    I'm lactose intolerant. Im obsessed with cheese and ice cream. I eat both and get sick often. I know I shouldn't but I mean ITS CHEESE!!!
  3. Go to a local Cafe
    I have Starbucks everyday. EVERYDAY. Idk how much money I've lost or how many small cafes I could of saved but I'm weak and Starbucks is strong.
  4. Have just one
    Binge Netflix. Binge chocolate. Binge junk food. Binge Pinterest. Binge Instagram. Binge research. Binge bingeing.
  5. The opposite of procrastinating
    I should be doing HW. I should also be at the gym. I should also clean my room, my closet, my car. I should be doing everything that I'm not right now but I'm making this list.