You woke up grumpy, your coffee wasn't just right, you just don't want to today...but it's all going to be ok and here's why...
  1. You're beautiful
    With that hair and that can't forget those amazing eyes of yours. You're the perfect combination of beautiful and I'd like a piece of that
  2. Gas is cheap!
    Here is SWFL it's under $2 so that means it has to be cheap every where else too. That's how economy works right?
  3. The cops aren't after you!
    At least I hope not! You're not someone who's confused and lost and shooting for no rhyme or reason. You're sane! You have all the screws tight in that precious head of yours!
  4. You're on The List App
    There's no where better to be in this appiverse. I mean Instagram isn't nearly as pretty and funny. Twitter can be funny sometimes but not nearly as inspirational or moving. And Facebook? Is that still a thing?
  5.'re not me.
    You get to be awesome, you get to do whatever you want with your day and make whatever you want out of it. While I have to wear this and hope people tip 20%.