Visualize with me... Imagine yourself waking up, grabbing a nice cup of coffee, walking out to your porch and seeing the beauty of a mountain eye level...because the cabin your in is IN a mountain of that range.
  1. First, I don't mean a cabin in the mountain valley
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    This is a little slice of cabin in the mountains beauty/escape that I run off to. It's beautiful yes. Right outside of Franklin, NC. But. I want more. I want to be up in those trees. Looking through them, or better yet...above them!
  2. I'm talking being on TOP! of that mountain
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    See, we're getting closer here. A view from the clouds. Over looking what goes unseen more than most. Feeling like Mufasa, "everything the light touches is our kingdom"
  3. You can have a simple porch view from the top
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    Classic, not over doing it but still being comfortable. You get the homey feel and can still possibly have a bear friend! This gives the mountain the family and nature purpose. Every mountain wants a human family to call its own.
  4. Mountain hermit is always an option
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    A mountain wouldn't be a mountain without a folk tale of the man who lives at the bottom of it. Well this mountain can have the man who lives in it. I just hope the man doesn't actually eat kids. I like to think this man is misunderstood and just likes his animal friends more than humans.
  5. A mountain might want to be fancy!
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    We all want to feel fancy every now and again. So why shouldn't a mountain have that opportunity. This is a prime example of a beautiful view in an extreme home. What can make an extremely beautiful home better? Being on a mountain. Making the mountain, the house, and the visitors all happy (and fancy).
  6. The mountains just want to be a part of the party after all!
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    Let's bring the party to the mountain top! The mountain likes to have friends over too! So here's our chance to bring that party to a whole other level. To the tippy top.
  7. Like the philosopher Drake once said "started from the bottom now we're here".
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    The mountains just want us to enjoy their company from the best views we can get, after all they've grown so tall. So let us climb to the top, plant some seeds, and enjoy what few get to see...