They're all in a folder labeled "CrApps"
  1. Contacts.
    You have the "Phone" app, which has its own version of this app inside of it, making this little square redundant and useless.
  2. Tips.
    Super helpful-- for the first five minutes of having an iPhone. The technological equivalent of getting a tattoo of your Calculus syllabus from sophomore year.
  3. Videos.
    So you can take up all of the space on your phone by storing the Coldplay music videos you bought in middle school all in one place.
  4. Stocks.
    I think most of the people who use this app regularly still have beepers. That or they attach their phones to their belts like beepers. However, they do sound smart when they make remarks like, "Hm. Exxon finished well today."
  5. Watch.
    Unless you have a iWatch, this app only functions as constant reminder that you don't have an iWatch, and are not cool yet.
  6. Music.
    Yeah, I said it. Music takes up too much space. Stream it. iCloud it. YouTube it. Buy an iPod, since they still sell those.
  7. Compass.
    Bet you didn't know you had a compass at your fingertips. Not that it changes anything. The real joke is that it's not just a compass; if you swipe left it becomes an actually very good level. But They don't want you to know that.