I only have 634 photos on my phone
  1. A picture of the bouncy house at a party thrown to celebrate my best friend after her long hospital stay. It reminded me of the bouncy house that Michael Scott wanted to jump off the roof into on The Office. This picture still makes me laugh
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  2. I cut my finger trying to chop lettuce. I should not be allowed to use a knife.
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  3. This is my favorite view of the city of Chicago (please ignore the Trump tower, it was not there when I decided I loved this view when I was 6 years old)
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  4. This was the second time I was lucky enough to meet Andrew McMahon. I am not often speechless but to meet someone who has inspired you and helped you get through very difficult times was priceless.
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  5. Two of my favorite people on the world are ages nine and five. These little girls, my best friend's nieces, stole my heart from the time they were babies. I am so grateful to know them.
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