Because if you leave the room nearest to your front door, that is when they come.
  1. Read/watch all the things I've saved on Facebook, Buzzfeed & Twitter over the last few days.
  2. Half-watch the first of the three episodes of Blindspot I missed
    I still don't know if I like this show...
  3. Organized my shelf with tv seasons I have
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    It's an embarrassment of riches!
  4. Find a bunch of tv seasons I did not realize I purchased.
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  5. Turn my head 365 times for every passing car hoping to see the large brown truck that will allow me to take a nap
  6. Regret letting my mom order something online for me & not realizing it was UPS, not the post office who delivered it
    The mail carrier came over an hour ago (see above)
  7. Answer the door to find a very sweet girl with a European accent trying to ask me questions about my clean energy usage
    You think I know where my electric bill is?? Also, why aren't you a delivery person wearing those little UPS shorts?
  8. Eat leftover Halloween candy
    Simply caramel Milky Ways for the win.
  9. Create two well-thought out lists on listapp
  10. Watched last night's episode of Last Week Tonight that focused on the insurance gap and made me realize I have to endure the Open Enrollment site for A.C.A. sometime in the next month