Inspired by @roaringsoftly and everyone on list
  1. My name is Melissa. Sometimes people think it's Alyssa, Martha, or Willison.
    This is a real receipt I got one time. I'm named after the Allman Brothers song.
  2. I look like this (left)
    Yeah, I can be cartoony sometimes.
  3. My social life used to be controlled by this due to social anxiety
    I lost a lot of friends... Or "friends"
  4. I'm healing and now my social life is controlled by this
    That's me! My social life is controlled by my inner happiness.
  5. This is my best friend, Ziggy. She helps.
  6. And she smiles a lot.
    And then sneezes directly after. This is the only picture that exists of that phenomenon.
  7. I'm nervous to hit send but this place seems chill!