I think anyone that has ever suffered (even the smallest bit) from any type of anxiety gets a weird vibe from other humans as they fight their way through the day.
  1. Avoiding eye contact/too much eye contact
    Should I look you in the eye while you're telling me a story? No that's weird I should look away... I can't look back into their eyes... But I have to let them know I'm listening... Blinking is weird... Wait what were they telling me?
  2. Just saying weird things
    ... And then running those words through your mind about 1500 times again that day... And that night... The rest of that year...
  3. The classic Freak and Bounce
    To you it seems like you've cleared a hurdle just showing up (ESPECIALLY alone) but once your brain gets pissed you've forced your body there, you straight up freak and bounce.
  4. Being silent
    Remaining silent through a conversation due to the overwhelming fear that you might do any of the previously listed things. I've had a lot of friends tell me people they've introduced me to thought I was shady or mean because I couldn't find a way to slide into their banter.
  5. Nervously ranting
    After being too scared to talk for 3 hours, you find an opening and say something hilarious! Everyone laughs so that feeds a weird anxious energy ball and you start butting into everything because they like you, they really like you! And then they don't and you lay in bed and analyze your whole life.
  6. Avoiding people
    When anxiety is at its worst, society is terrifying. Public places seem like slaughter houses. Flaking is a regular pass time. When you have to go into public to get food so you don't die, it's hood up, head down, and shoes that you're least likely to fall in on.
  7. Paranoia
    When you're anxious, you can make yourself believe everyone is looking at you and what you'll do next. You'll talk about it to your friends and family... A lot... So much that you forget their problems exist. This comes off as vein and cold.
  8. Critiquing self/others
    With all the ways people can show you how much prettier, skinnier, richer, more traveled, and more successful they are than you... Anxiety is at its worst amongst our society. You critique yourself for not being like them, but then judge that person for being who they are. People aren't attracted to people with self esteem issues. More stuff to analyze again and again and again!
  9. Never forgetting
    Or forgiving. Remember that time you did that stupid thing and everyone remembered for ever and ever? Yeah you do. They don't, but you avoid anyone associated with said thing until death.
  10. Standing alone next to the bar nursing a drink in one hand trying to look cool but inside being too afraid to even approach anyone new and talk to them while everyone else seems to be doing it and the time seems to pass so slowly and u wish if only it wud go by faster and the social hr be over already and y u even came.
    Suggested by @fm