Even if they don't really dig that type of music. Not a pro in the music industry or a writer, just a random list of songs I think people could like
  1. When We Were Younger -SOJA
    SOJA has to be the worlds most underrated band in the world (in my eyes). They are an 8 piece band with such a huge range of sound. The lead voice of the group is ridiculously unique. Anyway, this song is relatable to literally everyone. We've all asked ourselves questions about life.
  2. Choice is Yours - Stick Figure
    Stick Figure is a huge break out band that deserves the recognition they've been receiving. This song brings you back to reality with Slightly Stoopid to remind you that you dictate your own choices in life.
  3. Stormtrooper - Pepper
    Pepper is an awesome band that really has roots with that punk vibe. Stormtrooper is a neutral song for everyone because it's about Star Wars and everyone loves Star Wars (this song came out way before the new Star Wars)
  4. Count Me in - Rebelution
    First of all it's difficult to pick one Rebelution song anyone could listen to be cause I think it'd be easy for anyone to like all of their songs. Most of their stuff is crazy upbeat and positive. For the purpose of this post I chose this song due to how catchy it is.
  5. Everything Changes - SOJA
    I know there are so many other great bands and so many other great SOJA songs... I just had to throw this one in because it really gets you thinking about the worlds population as a whole, not just a group of people. It's a song to make us realize all we have.
  6. Anything by Slightly Stoopid