Things my siblings did to me as a child that fucked me up... Kind of

My sister is 14 years older than me and my brother is 10 years older than me (I'm 25). When I was a kid they'd do some (normal?) sibling type things to freak me out. It was pretty good stuff, as an adult I give them props. As a quick background, my brother is a horror movie buff that knows everything and my sister is a Mormon.
  1. The blob
    One day when my brother was babysitting me, I found a large black gooey blob growing on our dining room floor. Honestly, growing. My brother said it was The Blob and if I didn't hide, but it would envelope the entire home including me! It was dog diarrhea.
  2. My skin is coming off!
    One day while my sister was making lunch, I was being the adorable 6 year old I was and making my Simba stuffed animal terrorize Polly pockets. She ran into the room peeling her skin off her hand, screaming that her skin is coming off and I need to quarantine myself. She covered her hand with chipped ham and peeled it off. (Chipped ham is very thinly sliced ham)
  3. The only 5 year old to know Hellraiser
    This one seems kind of deranged to me... But I think it's why movies can't really scare me. My brother would sit me in front of the TV and my sister would hold me there and force me to watch Hellraiser... Typing it makes it seem weird.
  4. My evil twin
    One night while they were both babysitting me, I was being an especially obnoxious 8 year old and singing "this is the song that never ends" to piss them off (because they obviously sucked). They started telling me the reason why we never went in the attic is because our mom kept my evil twin up there and if they let her out, she'd kill me and live my life. That wasn't true, but I was still curious at 17 when I moved out.
  5. We're all friends now
    And I LOVE horror films and freaky/weird/scary things.