Some stuff I've thought of
  1. "HobbyMedia"
    It's social media about hobbies/ topics, it use threads similar to 4chan or Reddit but a layout like Facebook or Li.St, you start with title, text box, then at the bottom the hobbies/ topics used in the text, with links to each search, and you can search for a hobby/ topic (i.e. Searching "arrow" then little things pop up i.e. >bow and arrow and >TV show, and you select the correct one bringing you to the search
  2. AdMoney
    You download the app, open it, an ad pops up with a button at the bottom to switch to the next ad, you just watch ads, and receive 2/5 or 40% of the ad revenue, it goes straight into your pay pal or something
  3. Quick Smart
    Just a bunch of exercises that help brain development, like memory games, soduko, Rubin cubes, sodukubes, puzzles, and sprint reader (but a lot more access to more books, if you don't know what I'm talking about download the sprint app, there's only like 7 books)
  4. Phone Library
    You create an account and add all the stuff on your phone, you need a password to enter, it automatically updates as you change your apps/ take pictures, if you delete a pic and want it back its in "phone library" and you just need to access photos and type in a password, your phone gets stolen and you want the unique photos or thousands of screenshots back? Just re-download phone library and download/ type all the stuff in it