Break up songs are my specialty. I hope these help anybody going through some emotions rn. This is such split into traditionally sad break up songs and then it gets into angry, fuck you type break up songs. I may or may not have these playlist made already on spotify... If you want them lemme know and I'll send a link 👌🏾
  1. All of 21 by Adele
  2. Pillow Talk by Wild Child
  3. Youth by Daughter
  4. Smother by Daughter
  5. Nicest Thing by Kate Nash
  6. I'm Through by Ingrid Michaelson
  7. Black Bear by Andrew Belle
  8. Colors by Halsey
    "You were red and you liked me cause I was blue. Then you touched me and suddenly I became a lilac sky but you decided purple just wasn't for you."
  9. Ghost by Halsey
  10. Hollow Drum by Laura Welsh
  11. Lullabies by Yuna
  12. Breathe Me by Sia
  13. Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer
  14. Edge of Desire by John Mayer
  15. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope
  16. Seventy Times Seven by Brand New
  17. Messing With My Head by K Flay
  18. Time for You by K Flay
  19. Kidding Me by Grieves
  20. Over You by Grieves
  21. Found You Out by Sir Sly
  22. A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by This Providence
  23. Rag doll by Maroon 5
  24. Forgive & Forget by the Kooks
  25. Tears Over Beers by Modern Baseball
  26. Resentment by Beyoncé
  27. Don't by Ed Sheeran
  28. Bed of Lies by Nicki Minaj
  29. Twisted Tongue by MisterWives
  30. Dickhead by Kate Nash
  31. Jude Law and a Semester Abroad by Brand New
  32. Mix Tape by Brand New
  33. Haunting by Halsey
  34. Breaking up - Rilo Kiley
    Suggested by @denesha
  35. Landfill by Daughter
    Suggested by @imtanjab
  36. Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
    Suggested by @clearcourses
  37. Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac
    Suggested by @nervesofscared
  38. All Hail The Heartbreaker by The Spill Canvas
    Suggested by @imtanjab
  39. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New
    Suggested by @imtanjab
  40. Next Girl - The Black Keys
    For when you're in that "forget you, I can do better" phase of the break.
    Suggested by @sasasasarah