A Sub list of my "things that should stop" list
  1. Why do you feel like you own this space
    I am immediately bothered because you threw yourself into this booth and into me, gobbling up space like you needed to claim it in some way:
  2. You do not need to sit so close to me when there is an entire two chairs you've taken over
  3. I refuse to automatically move over for you
    I hope you know it's simply because you expect me to, because you expect to be accommodated.
  4. You are not an expert on everything
    Stop answering questions that were not directed toward you. Especially because they're not helpful or correct.
  5. Stop calling women sweetheart
    You know how condescending you sound
  6. Your mustaches are heinous
    Absolutely. Horrific. Push brooms.
    You do not have s good voice. It is more like a warble and it creeps me out.
  8. I'm happy I'm making you uncomfortable
    I can tell that my obviously annoyed demeanor and unfriendly expression bother you. Good. I'm glad that you are uncomfortable because you seem like the kind of people who control everyone as to not be uncomfortable.
  9. Stop bragging
    I don't care that you work in the same building as Facebook or that you own buildings or that you've been to google and weren't impressed or that you have on call chefs. Shut the hell up and stop puffing your chests out at each other. Is this your friendship?
  10. Are you seriously talking about assaulting homeless people?
    Trump would be so proud.
  11. Stop dancing
    Yes a woman is playing a musical it loud. Yes it's annoying, but you are worse. You are doing it to be rude and annoying.
  12. Thank god this train ride is over and you are obviously pushing ahead of people to get out first because you deserve to be off first. Because you are sooooo important.