Even though like do i really need another show to watch?
  1. The Flash
    I was realllly into this show when I first started watching it. It reminded me of a less angsty, a bit more supernatural Arrow. Plus Grant Gustin is adorable amirite?
  2. Arrow
    I LIVE for the Flash crossover episodes and Felicity Smoke. I'm never reeeeally here for Oliver and his manpain but he's gotten better over the seasons. Also Diggle and Thea are my babies 👌🏽
  3. The West Wing
    @sesealyah has been harassing me to watch this show and I finally started but like its hard for me to watch lots of episodes at once and I don't know why.
  4. Full Metal Alchemist
    Another @sesealyah show. I am actually really into it and have only waited this long to continue in hopes I could finish it with her buuuuut money and time constraints so alone it is. I think this is the one I'm gunna finish first cause I've been restraining myself from googling critical plot points that are driving me N U T Z.
  5. The L Word
    Honestly I love this show and the over the top lesbian drama but I forget about it v often. I'll randomly watch it every couple years then forget about it again.
  6. Parks and Rec
    I love this show and think it's fucking hilarious like well everyone else. However I still haven't made it out of season two.