Things I Miss

Well, that got depressing.
  1. Warm weather
  2. My dog lying in the crook of my legs (she just got up and I'm still in bed)
  3. Being in college
  4. Being a fetus
  5. My boyfriend
  6. All of my friends being in one place
  7. Having my best friends only a door/a few doors away
  8. Having a cafeteria to go to
  9. Playing music on the radio
  10. Being in England***
  11. Not living at home
  12. Having people around me who, for some reason, understand me
  13. Did I mention constant access to food?
  14. Not waking up alone
  15. Seeing mountains on a drive instead of the flat dead lands of suburban New Jersey
  16. Being around fellow feminists and mindful people all the time
  17. Academic discussion that makes me think
  18. Playing guitar
  19. Having a free gym close by
  20. Watching hours of tv with my friend Christian
  21. Constant access to grilled cheese sandwiches and a bomb ass salad bar