Truth be told I usually don't ship irl cause it gets uncomfy and it feels invasive so I'm not like an active person like I am with my fictional babies. But these are people that are together that make me squeal they're so cute and dumb.
  1. Mary + Gabe
    You don't know them but you should. Only @sesealyah will understand why they're the ultimate otp
  2. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
    They're so cute and they use the paparazzi stalking them to hold up signs they made about charities and shit cause that's productive UGH
  3. Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley
    They're DISTUSTING and so CUTE
  4. Kristen Stewart and Alicia (insert last name)
    YES that's her girlfriend no matter how much the media calls her her "very close female pal/roomie that she spends all her time with." (Give me a break u pricks.) YES she is open to the ladies. NO I'm not crying YOURE crying.
  5. My friend Hali and Thomas Sangster
    I sent her his Instagram link and all she said was "you just ruined my life." If that isn't otp material, idk what is