1. I forgot my headphones how did I forget my headphones
  2. At least I brought bacon
  3. Dear god I hope there's not a lot of people on this train
  4. How did i remember bacon, a granola bar, and airheads but not my headphones?
  5. I see where my priorities are
  6. I'm going to see @sesealyah and heather
    Bermuda Triangle does NYC 💃🏽💪🏽👯
  7. New Jersey can be pretty
    there are pretty lakes and rivers and landscapes
  8. But then there's like industrial and chemical plants and I hate it again
  9. I hope New York isn't too cold..
  10. .. But I also hope this jacket isn't too heavy
  11. I wish I could stop in brooklyn
  12. Oh god there's gunna be so many people
  13. Christmas time in New York City? #MyNightmare
  14. Maybe I'll get off and go home
  15. Nvm @sesealyah would kill me
  16. I cannot believe I forgot my headphones
  17. How do I listen to the soundtrack of my day?
  18. UGH
  19. When I see Jimmy Johns signs I get sad cause I'm not in North Carolina
  20. Damn I want a sandwich
  21. Why did I sit in the four person chair
  22. I should've gone for a standard two
  23. People are much less likely to sit with me here tho
  25. Tmi but like HALP
    ( @sesealyah if you're seeing this can you help me out )
  26. Wow two crucial things
  27. Forgotten, left behind
  28. I've got to sort out my priorities