Because I had a dream about it. *this list will base heavily on your view of zombies and how they act/how the virus or whatever acts*
  1. I'd need a good, small group
    You don't want too large of a group for the zombie apocalypse lbr. I'm not Doing this Walking Dead style. I want a group of maybe five people at most because we can move faster and finding places to stay is easier. Also, it would be a lot easier to make decisions with not as many personalities and opinions in the mix. When the world has calmed down I will worry about diplomacy and rebuilding structures.
  2. Picking the right people
    I don't want to travel and survive with people that can't think practically and are too stuck in our previous world. The world has changed, therefore our norms and customs must change, at least until the worst of everything passes. If you cannot make hard decisions and are going to be playing devils advocate all the time ~for the sake of humanity~ I don't know if we're a good fit. I'm not gunna be a ruthless, cut throat ass hole but I will be if I need to be.
  3. But also don't lose your compassion
    Zombies don't get my sympathy and compassion but fellow humans do. I may want to stay practical and logical but I will definitely help someone out that needs it. There's no need to be a complete dick, here. We are not drawing lines in the sand or having a 'better you than me' kinda deal here. I'd rather preserve my ties to humanity as much as I can while surviving in this world.
  4. Two weapons at most
    I am a paranoid gal. I am always preparing for someone to jump out of the shadows (I blame my older brother for always surprise attacking me.) in my room I keep a crowbar and in my living room, an oversized billy club. I'd take ten both with me during this ordeal. Close quarters? Grab your crowbar, use the pronged end. Outside? Grab the three-foot billy club for keeping your distance and using that distance to swing
  5. Destinations
    I'd head into the mountains tbh and I'd def be taking @sesealyah cause of her wilderness skills. Plus she's a dear friend. The woods are secluded and quiet so you'd hear a lot of things before you see them. The most populated areas would be the worst because 1) obvious feeding ground 2) obvious place where the most people are turning into zombies. Places like New York and Los Angeles would be a nightmare. Up in the woods? Very little food for the zombies and much less crowded.
  6. Cars
    I'm iffy on cars. They attract a lot of attention but you obviously get places faster and you have somewhere to sleep. It can also be used as protection, somewhere to hide. I'd probably take my car about as far as I can (till I get to whatever mountain I'm staking out) then ditch it.
  7. No dogs
    This rule kills me because there are good uses for dogs in this setting. They will hear before you do, smell before you do, and have senses that we can't tap into as a human. But my dog is a baby, even though she's a pit and most people think she's scary. She's afraid of the dark and she is a needy little shit. She also has a bum leg and even in a car, it would be difficult to get a handle on her. I really don't want to have an I Am Legend moment ok? I cry just thinking about. So no dogs.
  8. (I'd probably still take my dog tho cause I'm weak)