5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. from our trip to an island by our house
    we spent the day in the city (I love the city :))) and then we went to this island with a rocky beach that's perfect for pictures :)
  2. from the preserve right by my house
    I had a photo shoot of sorts by the preserve next to my house.. shoutout to my 9 yr old sister for taking the pictures ahahha
  3. baby BG :))
    baby me at the beach a long time ago
  4. my friend and I anxiously waiting for the award we were both nominated for to be announced
    at this years drama awards... we were both nominated for best middle school actress for our roles in the little mermaid, me as ursula and her as ariel (she won, and she deserved it :))
  5. at the Richard Rodgers theatre
    we went to New York (ahhhh I want to live there ajdeksbsis) and I had to get pictures in front of Hamilton!! I didn't see the show :// but it was still incredible for me to be right outside if you can tell by my huge smile in this ahah
  6. alright that's it bye