1. pro: you can find out who your fake friends are.
  2. con: you can find out who your fake friends are.
    it's good to know, but it is sad, as no one wants to lose a friend.
  3. pro: there's a lot more freedom than in elementary school
    it helps us to figure out how to be independent
  4. con: there is so. much. drama.
    it's fun if you're watching with popcorn from far away, but if you are actually a part of it, it's incredibly stressful.
  5. pro: there are a lot of opportunities for electives and extracurriculars
    we get a chance to figure out who we are and what we like to do in middle school, which is a new development from elementary school.
  6. con: the way the adults try to teach us life lessons.
    never have I ever seen a bullying prevention assembly actually make any difference. the adults don't try to relate to our everyday lives, and I feel like if they did, it would help to actually start changing the way we treat each other.
  7. pro: many new friends
    in my town, we only have three elementary schools and one middle school, so all of the elementary schoolers go into one big school. this gives a new group of people for everyone to meet and befriend, which can be refreshing if you've been stuck with the same 80 kids in your class since kindergarten.
  8. con: all of us are maturing at different speeds.
    middle school is kind of the "gray area" between being a kid and being a young adult. we're all growing up, but not at the same speed, so it's difficult for the ones who have matured faster to cope with the one who haven't matured yet. it's very strange to see these people who you've grown up with actually growing up and reaching all of these milestones. it's strange to me that we're in that range now when all of this starts happening. first kisses. first dates. first B. it's crazy to me.
  9. pro: even if it is at different speeds, we are all maturing.
    we can relate to each other as we have these weird things happening and everything. it feels good to know that you're not going through all this alone.