I wish this existed like four years ago
  1. Criminal minds
    This shot is 10/10 the best and has a ton of seasons. This show has a good balance of plot vs non plot episodes and the characters are very easy to relate to! Although even the most emotionally stable people cry at some of these episodes so keep the tissues close during season finales and premieres.
  2. CSI Miami
    It's a lot of Heratio (pictured above) looking like a bad ass and there isn't really running story lines so this show is really good for a person with commitment issues. The characters are well casted but they leave a lot so don't get too attached to anyone.
  3. Bones
    Look these characters are cute as hell and you're going to ship a ting of them and it's going to take a Lin time for those ships to happen so just be patient. Other than that the characters are amazing and there's usually apart of the storyline each episode so be careful watching this at night cause you won't stop.
  4. Dexter
    This show is not one for the faint of heart and do not watch this with children or sometimes your parents... But it's very interesting because it gives a whole new perspective on the vigilante thing. And a lot of the time you can relate to. And each season is a new story line and it's amazing so it forces you to keep watching l.
  5. Pretty little liars
    One of these is not like the others. Okay so this show is not for all but it's one big adrenaline rush. Each character has their own problems and usually they are pretty stupid but I like the idea of the show.
  6. NCIS
    Very similar to CSI Miami but the characters are more interesting and people don't leave all the time. But it's also a little more gory.