Things that make me happy and why

  1. Little baby chickens and when they take a nap in your hand
  2. These two and all of the university of Utah
    As a person from Utah it's very unusual to WANT to go to the university of Utah. Devonte booker and Garrett Bolles mean hard work and success from a school that not many wouldn't consider a huge brain pump.
  3. Puppies. Must I say more
  4. My dad <3
    When in hard times you need a person who can listen and make times lighter with friendship. My dad and my idol has done that for me and I think that that's what dads are for. My dad is one of my best friends.
  5. My horses
    Horses have always been apart of my life. From when my mom showed with me in the womb to now I have loved them. They have taught me how to pick yourself up and hop back in no matter how much it hurt. They taught me to be coachable and that I may need to think out side of the box to complete the task at hand. They've taught me to support my friends and family, even if they are on the other team, and to respect your elders. Love them to death.
  6. Making music with people I wouldn't trade for the world
    Music is something that I've been involved with since I was 7 and ya know that's a long time. But percussions, that holds a special place in heart. The people in my class are family. No matter how much I hate some of the people sometimes they are what make it. Oh and how can I forget my teacher He's like a second dad. Hughes has taught me so much about music and what team work really means. Percussion is one part of my high school career I will never forget. #hughesical the musical
  7. My best friend
    Portia Portia Portia my best friend in the entire world. You've been with me through some pretty though shit. I haven't told you some things about me that I want to but I don't know how to. My current family situation, what happens when I graduate and more. I love you and your friendship has done a lot for me. I know I get kind of into my sports and I'm not able to hang out much but I think that's why we work.
  8. Swim team. Don't get me wrong swimming sucks but I love most these people
    Look at this bunch of kids (plus Mike Serena Kathy and then dusty is in new Zeland but we still love him) we worked so hard to get here. I swam like shit at this meet but ya know I'm not a swimmer. Swimming has always been apart of my sports career and I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without it. Mike is one of those coaches that you might hate in the moment but if you know him long enough you get to love him and his teams. I wouldn't change swimming for any other sport ever.
  9. Football but mostly the broncos and my favorite RB #23
    Football! One of the most American sports (besides baseball) you can find. I am basically obsessed with all aspects of the game even though I can't play it. The broncos are my favored team and the person in the picture is devonte booker. He went to the university of Utah and was really good. He kida was mediocre in his rookie season it i mean that's okay he's new. Anyway if you know me you know I love football.
  10. My Vegas babe and her snowman
    Ally is one of those people you meet though sports where you defiantly wouldn't have know before but they improved your life by a lot. I don't see her much but when I do I see her for weeks at a time and it's great. She's crazy and I love it. Couldn't live without her.
  11. The x files (the truth is out there)
    I got my attitude from this show therefore the picture
  12. Josh and Garry
    If there are two people in my life that I could never stay mad it it would be these two. They are the only two people I know like em, especially josh. They've taught me waterpolo and some serious mental toughness. I wouldn't trade their coaching for the world
  13. This last good picture of my family
    My family has issues. The reason I like this picture is because everyone looks happy. This is the last time I have seen a family picture too. Baleighs isn't caking on mascara and pretending to be too cool, dad is still a little chunky. Mom isn't in a weird ugly outfit covered in oil with ugly Ass lashes and I look natural and clear and happy to be with my family. This is a last. I want this back but I understand it's gone and I've learned to miss it but accept it.
  14. This pic of Matthew
    I hadn't heard this kid really speak Until this year and let me say he's funny af. The perfect part about this pic is the pants cause those are the pants that he wears every day and the face mask. I don't even take care of my skin that well. This kid is the frekin best.
  15. Snap chat Streaks
    They make you feel accomplished and if I want a streak with you that means I want to see your face every day and I think that's a compliment
  16. Doughnuts
    Ya know they are just really good and I want some rn so like I'm suffering because I don't have any of that soft melt in your mouth goodness
  17. The dream team
    Minus the girl second from the left she's a bitch but the other four kill it in the pool and just mesh in all ways
  18. My sister
    We have been getting along lately so imma show her some love in this list because we've had a couple of pretty damn good times. Just this week we went riding in the Oakley arena on my uncles horses and built a makeshift volleyball net in driveway with the basketball hoop and a ladder. She's pretty chill.
  19. My friends this past week
    Let's think me gabe and Francesca went to play volleyball twice this week, walked to mas house where gabe almost fought a guy because the guy didn't like us walking on the street, saw the horses and then went to the snow come shack in front of volkers. Then we went to the family cabin in samak and hammocked! Gabe left early move but fran and I stayed for a while to which I fell asleep and got a shorts and converse tan. After the nap fran and I went to OPK and Wonder Woman.
  20. Kylie
    She did my math for me almost the entire year.