Guilty Pleasures

go ahead and get all judgy, Judgy McJudgester.
  1. Soft Rock/Yacht Rock/70's am gold...
    Reminds me of growing up in The 70's. Music version of comfort food.
  2. Froot Loops & Lucky Charms
    I know there is nothing remotely fruity about them but they are oddly satisfying. Lucky Charms are like cat food with hard ass marshmallows but are like sugary crack.
  3. The Last American Virgin
    Not even close to being good but really the crown jewel of 80's teen sex comedies. I'm pretty sure they played the same three songs throughout the movie. That ending... wow. They really should make movies like this today.
  4. Corndogs
    I have a weakness for fried things and corn dogs are the perfect fried food. I find the scarier the carnival, the better the corn dog. I know they've become super hipstery foodie trendy. Fuck that! Give me an old school artery clogging carney dog with mustard and ketchup!
  5. BUZZR
    What's not to love about reruns of Tattletales and Press Your Luck?!?
  6. Those God Damn Property Brothers
    I blame my wife. I'm pretty sure she'd leave me for the one that can actually build shit.
  7. Swedish Fish
    I have no idea why I like these weird ass chewy things. I don't even know what flavor they are supposed to be, probably lingonberry or something. They usually make me nauseous.
  8. Billy Joel
    I'm sure he's a giant Douche and should never ever drive a car, but damn it... he has a catalog of pretty damn catchy songs! The Stranger is an amazing album. He should be shot for "We Didn't Start the Fire" though.