crybaby belle strikes again
  1. someone sat in my chair at a party after i left it to go to the bathroom
  2. i had a dream that one of my friends touched my butt
  3. my best friend didn't get a part in a play (he was not upset, i was)
  4. I cried an excessive amount after a sad play, only to instantaneously stop when given the opportunity to ride in a senior's car
  5. my best friend's phone got taken away by her parents
    she could still facebook message me from her computer but i was still concerned
  6. had to breathe through a straw as an exercise in acting class
  7. my friend said something nice to me
  8. I got embarrassed after doing improv even though I only said 1 line and it wasn't anything bad
  9. I wasn't having a good time at a party
  10. I had too much science homework and it was really difficult
  11. I got my period while on vacation
  12. someone insulted my outfit