Maybe everyone doesn't hate them but you get it.
  1. Airplane Food
    I like the chicken usually. I like how everything is all separated and compartmentalized. Sometimes there's a brownie.
  2. Ben Affleck
    I feel bad that everyone thinks he's a douche. He made some really terrible movies but I liked his Batman and The Town was good too.
  3. Black Licorice
    I actually don't like black licorice but I like things that are black licorice flavoured. Make sense?
  4. Guy Fieri
    I don't think he's that bad. He looks like a weirdo but otherwise I think his show does some good things.
  5. True Detective Season 2
    I liked Drunk Colin Ferrel, I liked him beating everyone up. I even didn't mind Vince Vaughn. My favourite part was the bird head guy. The end was dumb though.
  6. Cargo Shorts
    I mean, what the hell is wrong with cargo shorts?