Oh, to be young and naive. Here are ten things I used to believe when I was but a wee lass.
  1. Carpenters are the people who put carpet in your house.
    Jesus was a carpenter; not sure how I rationalized that in my head.
  2. Insecurity is something that you naturally grow out of
    If that's true, I'm still waiting.
  3. When I grow up, I'm going to go through some magical transformation and become a beautiful, classy, intelligent adult
    Um, not quite. In most ways, I still feel and look the same as that seven year old girl who thought that.
  4. My family is immune to deaths and divorces
    Nope aaaand nope.
  5. Becoming a teenager is the actual coolest thing in the world, and once you pass that milestone, your life just falls into place
    If anything, my life fell more apart.
  6. All it takes is getting along well with someone to ensure lifelong BFF status
    I haven't spoken to people in years who I used to be best friends with. We never had a falling out or anything, life just happened and we lost touch and never put the effort into reconnecting.
  7. It'll be a struggle to hold the boys off until I'm 16 (my own personal ideal dating age back then *shrug*), but I think I can handle it
    Boys really couldn't care less about me during my teen years, as far as I know, and now, three years past my 'ideal dating age,' I'm still not really dating.
  8. The whole 'giving birth' process is overrated, and adoption is for sure the one and only way for me
    While I still think adoption is a wonderful thing, and it's not necessarily out of the question for me, I know that I would ideally like to have at least a couple of babies.
  9. By the time I graduate from high school, I'll know exactly what I want to do with my life and how to get there
    If only. The struggle is real.
  10. Pineapples grow on trees
    Okay, so I totally thought that until, like, yesterday. Needless to say, not many pineapples grow around here.