I love TheListApp, but I'm curious as to why. After some thought, here's a list of reasons I like lists. Suggestions welcome.
  1. Forced Brevity
  2. Collectively, a list is wholesome and each item provides context for the next.
    You can make lists of items that build upon each other; point after successive point is effective much like an organized argument.
  3. Optimal format for humor.
    Perhaps it is why Letterman's "top 10" stuck around for so many years? Lists enable good timing for cleverness and comedy in written form.
  4. Capitalizes on our obsession with headlines, and our laziness.
    A list is essentially a collection of clever headlines - short and catchy sentences without the "filler" (fluff) of ordinary paragraphs. Lists are also great for our innate laziness when it comes to reading prose and distilling points on our own.
  5. Provides Utility
    When you want to learn something or find a suggestion for something you need, lists get you right to it (literally). Lists are a medium for organized, actionable information.