can you imagine being this famous??
  1. jesus
    he is literally the most famous person ever
  2. marx
    i see this guys name everywhere, he must have done a lot. if i were him id be v. proud
  3. nietzsche
    idk if he deserves to be here but he is v. famous
  4. freud
    wow so much to say here but idk what
  5. george washington
    i know literally nothing abt this but he is very recognizable in pictures
  6. plato
    he did something great despite all odds, incredible
  7. isaac newton
    imagine if everytime someone dropped something or did literally anything they credited you for making it happen. imagine the power trip, youd be so famous
  8. princess diana or beyonce
    it would be good to put a famous woman on this list, who do you think is more famous?
  9. shakespeare
    i dont really get the hype but thats not what matters, just incredible
  10. psy
    very famous