For all da sorta homies
  1. The cashiers that put in the store cards at the grocery store
  2. Group members that pick up my slack
  3. Any and everyone who has snuck me into the school cafeteria so I could eat fo free
  4. The guy who buys me alcohol
  5. Cars that come close to hitting me but dont
  6. The roommate that furnished the entire apartment
  7. People who don't sing show tunes out loud
  8. The people that pay me duh
  9. Anyone I have stolen a shot glass from
    Sorry but at the same whatever
  10. My ancestors? Idk
  11. The online librarian that hooks me up with scholarly sources for all of my assignments
  12. The offscreen writers of SNL
  13. The YouTube accounts that post the Parks and Rec bloopers
  14. My upstairs neighbors for not being total dicks all the time
  15. Ur mom lol
  16. Customers that aren't mean or curious
  17. Steve from Blues Clues
    NOT Joe
  18. My sister's friends