What cancer patients really want you to do

The c-word is scary, and your friend may have a long journey ahead. They probably need you more than ever.
  1. Support them over time
    Beating cancer is like running a marathon, not a sprint; and not everyone likes to run! Remember to connect regularly over the months to keep them going through the process.
  2. When in doubt, reach out
    It can be hard for someone in treatment to make the first move. And no one wants to feel abandoned. — Include "no need to respond" in letters, texts or voicemails if possible - writing several thank you notes to everyone can be overwhelming for your friend.
  3. Don't be pink ribbon cheese-y
    Your friend is still the same person as before they started treatment. If giving a gift, get them something you would normally!
  4. Remember the last time YOU felt supported & loved
    Let that be a reminder that it doesn't take much to brighten your or someone else's day. Small gestures can go a long way!
  5. Be specific.
    Do NOT say "let me know what I can do". DO say: "let me know when I can take you to your favorite coffee shop." This lets you show the best way you are able to help them out, and lets a patient know what they can count on you for.