1. I was sleeping so well.
  2. Stupid too much pizza; and wine.
  3. Maybe more antacids?
  4. Can one over-antacid?
  5. I don't want kidney stones. You get those from taking too many antacids over a period of time.
  6. Or was it gall stones?
  7. I'd like to avoid having stones anywhere inside my person. They're not supposed to be there.
  8. I need more Words With Friends opponents. But kind of only for the next 30ish minutes as I already have more than enough during business hours.
  9. Should I watch TV or will that just wake me up completely?
  10. 'Catastrophe' is an incredible series. I could watch that.
  11. I should really set up the drumkit Brian gave me. Maybe tomorrow.
  12. Such a bummer that Phil Collins can't play drums anymore. Or isn't supposed to.
  13. Stupid helicopters. LA is a weird place to live.
  14. I'd love to live in Dublin for a while.
  15. Whiskey. But not now.
  16. Maybe the bed's nice and cool again.