1. When THE STENCH OF HONOLULU published, Jack asked if he would be needed a few weeks afterward because he had planned a very long fly fishing trip in Russia
  2. Bill Novak was probably more concerned about the publicity rollout for STENCH than Jack was
  3. He's one of the most effortlessly funny and unassuming writers I've ever worked with. His jokes are packed so tight you can't really read more than a few pages at a time.
  4. One of my notes to him in the editing process of STENCH OF HONOLULU was to make the repeated deaths of one character extremely gory. He went way over the top. I love those deaths.
  5. The cover art for STENCH is a beautiful, giant painting that Jack now has in NM
  6. George Saunders loved STENCH so much that, though he doesn't ever really blurb, he mentioned the book being hilarious and great in press and let us use that as a blurb.