@bjnovak @list @mindy if you see this maybe you can answer a few because I'm a curious college student.
  1. Why force the capitalization of a list's title?
    Sometimes I feel like the lists are yelling at me or that they're chiseled in stone.
  2. The app icon is a list with longer items at the bottom. Why?
    Is this how you envision the ideal list? With more details/complicated tasks at the bottom?
  3. How can I lie to myself on the list app?
    When I make to do lists in real life, I write down 2-10 things that I've already done so that I feel more productive.
  4. What are user demographics?
    Based on my friends who use it and who I follow, it's college aged women, several news outlets, cooking channels, and you
  5. Who picked the 350 character limit and why?