1. 1st time someone painted an image on a cave wall someone else thought to themselves "I don't get it. So what it's a woolly mammoth? I see those all the time?"
  2. 1st time someone ate a berry they might have died.
  3. 1st man to make a wheel rolled it by a woman
  4. 1st woman to prepare food in the morning for a man was like: "what have I done!?"
  5. 1st person to bake bread with tomato and cheese on it had no fucking clue the contribution they made to the world!
  6. 1st teenager to get his own room immediately jerked off, then hung up a poster.
  7. 1st man to fix something had this strange urge to have his penis in a mouth?
  8. 1st person to workout made sure everyone knew about it
  9. 1st person to use language did so cause they wanted to tell someone they were really annoying
  10. 1st story ever told was about traffic