We only live once so if you see Ice T you talk to him. The following is a guide on how to open yourself up to the universe so YOU TOO can have your Ice T moment!
  1. Be Open to New Experiences
    The possibilities in life are endless! Get a new haircut! Learn a language! Hate your day job? Well then quit and do something you're actually interested in. I started PAing on shoots and soon found myself getting freelance work.
  2. Be Nice to People/Don't be an Asshole
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    Be respectful and make a good impression. You'll be surprised how often it will pay off down the road. A director I had previously worked with recommended me for a great paying gig that also happened to be at the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit production studios!
  3. Be Early
    I used to be habitually late to EVERYTHING. Being self-employed, though, has taught me it might cost you that next job. Also, because I was able to set up and complete the project ahead of schedule I was offered by a producer to help myself to craft services.
  4. Wanderlust
    Because I was trusted (and completely unsupervised) I gave myself a tour of the sets. I went into the jail set. I sat in the prosecutor's chair. All while singing the classic theme song to myself! It pays to explore your surroundings!
  5. Be Rewarded
    Not only did I get paid but I got a free meal! And by meal I mean I ate as much as I possibly could for as long as I could stay until I was asked to leave. And wouldn't you know it but suddenly there was ICE T drinking a sparkling water!
  6. This Is Your One Chance
    It's Ice T. I mean come on? When else am I gonna be this close to him? But what should I say? Well a comedian friend of mine was recently in the new Body Count music video. Just introduce yourself and be complimentary! What do you have to lose Ben?
  7. Me & T
    Ok you've introduced yourself. Ice didn't. But that's ok. He knows I know who he is. This is not the time to have an ego. You guys have shook hands. Ok, go with the plan and talk about Body Count. OH WAIT did you just say: "so T, love the new album?" Yes, yes you did. He doesn't even flinch! We talk about our mutual friend in the video and talk about comedy. Before parting ways I tell him to check out John Mulaney's bit about Law & Order: SVU!
  8. In Conclusion
    Ice T may have heard Mulaney do an impression of him