1. 💩
    IT'S A SMILING TURD! If this is not on your list, you're dead inside.
  2. A tie between 👹 and 👺
    I don't know what the hell they're supposed to represent, but thank you to the person who thought these were necessary!
  3. 💉
    You never know when you need to tell someone you need to have blood injected into your body!
  4. 💾: No kid under the age of 20 has any idea what this is or what it looks like in person and that makes me smile.
  5. 🛃: Who doesn't love the TSA?!?
  6. 🀄️: I'm really into extreme competitive Mahjong so this one hits really close to home.
  7. 🏄🏻: The only way to surf is when you're fully clothed. It shows people you don't have time to waste when there are killer waves to ride, bra!
  8. 🍆: People really like eggplants! Don't know why.