Rated from worst to not worst
  1. Migraine at lake Windamere
    When relief is punching yourself in the head and you throw up from the nausea
  2. Pericarditis
    That was pretty scary, but I got off work and had a ride in an ambulance - nee naw nee naw.
  3. The shits in France
    - at a wedding. Need I say more?
  4. Migraine in Malaysia
    See above for details, however this was over quicker.
  5. The shits - the first experience (16yo)
    Thought I was going to die through the arse
  6. Slicing a bit of finger off with a knife
    Didn't really hurt just made me feel really sick as the piece lay there on the blade.
  7. Thumb through a bandsaw
    You might think this should be higher but if I managed to wait in line in woodwork class to tell the teacher that the reason my hand is pissing blood is because I've put it through a bandsaw then I didn't cry and this is its position on the list.