1. Matzah- classic. simple. elegant.
  2. Matzah ball soup- REMIXXXXXXX
  3. Eggs- silly goys
  4. Hysterical manishevitz posts- "the good stuff," ammiright?
  5. Seder plates- haven't seen so much Jewish creativity since Leonard Cohen.
  6. Impossible to achieve female figures- well, those are kind of fun actually
  7. Grandma + grandpa pics- senility can be cute in a super saturated filter
  8. Weather pictures- why are people on either coast still surprised by __________ [insert standard geographical weather pattern here]?
  9. Peeps!
    Though nothing will beat the girl who made Left Shark out of Peeps. 💯💯💯
    Suggested by @mandi
  10. Beyoncé with a crucifix
    Suggested by @vp
  11. Jay-Z with a yarmulke
    Suggested by @vp