1. Cheers- "Normmmmm... You have a drinking problem"
  2. Seinfeld- "what's the deal with loose mid-level socks?"
  3. Friends- "can we try a smoothie instead of coffee today, guys?"
  4. The Office- "do any of us even get vacation?"
  5. MASH- "I shoulda been a lawyer!" (womp womp)
  6. The Cosby Show- "I'm the adopted white son who ironically wants to be a rapper."
  7. SNL- "get off the shed...and into my car 🎶!"
  8. Curb- "are we all just ignoring the fact that we want this guy to validate our comedy?!"
  9. GOT- "there's no obscenity or indecency law in westeros, eh?"